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Meet Our Founders

Together, Kayla Life and Shoshana F. Cabral form a formidable leadership duo whose diverse expertise, shared vision, and complementary skill sets make them the ideal team to lead the Rebrand Community Innovation Center. Their collective experience ensures that the center is not only a hub for technology and innovation but also a beacon of community transformation and empowerment.


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Our Team

strategy | Co Founder

Kayla Life

Kayla’s passion for integrating technology with community engagement is the cornerstone of the innovation center's ethos. Her extensive experience in brand strategy, program development, and DEI advocacy, combined with a proven track record of raising significant funds for educational initiatives, positions her as a visionary leader capable of steering the organization towards its ambitious goals.

operations | co founder

Shoshana Cabral

Shoshana’s operational excellence and strategic planning skills are invaluable to ensuring the innovation center’s programmatic and administrative success. Her ability to engage and energize volunteers, board members, and the community aligns perfectly with the center’s mission. Her experience in fundraising and building strong board involvement is critical for the center’s growth and sustainability.


Shawntinique Shepherd

Under the financial stewardship of Shawntinique shepherd, we ensure that every dollar invested in our center is maximized for impact. Our strategic approach to financial management and scalability, led by our CFO, positions us as a trusted partner in driving community innovation and empowerment.


Erin Smith

Concerns regarding the digital divide and educational disparities are met head-on by Erin Smith. Her lobbying efforts underscore our proactive stance on these issues, ensuring that our programs and services are accessible to all, and advocating for policies that support our mission of inclusivity and empowerment

ai technology 

Tyvonne boykin

"Tyvonne Boykin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in AI to our team. his expertise is not just in understanding the complexities of artificial intelligence but in making it accessible and beneficial to our community. Under his guidance, our center is pioneering innovative ways to integrate AI into our education programs, operational processes, and even the way we envision the future of work and learning.

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