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innovation needs community

The Rebrand Community Innovation Center addresses a multifaceted set of problems:

  • Lack of Access to Affordable Education and Training: Bridging the gap in access to affordable, quality education in technology and entrepreneurship.

  • Limited Support for Startups and Entrepreneurs: Offering the ecosystem startups need to thrive, including mentorship, resources, and networking opportunities, that are often scarce or fragmented.

  • Community Disengagement: Revitalizing community engagement by providing a hub for innovation, creativity, and learning that encourages local participation and development.

  • Skill Gap in the Workforce: Tackling the growing skills gap in the tech industry by providing up-to-date training and apprenticeship programs to prepare individuals for the workforce.

  • Isolation of SMEs in Digital Transformation: Assisting SMEs in navigating the complexities of digital transformation and innovation to stay competitive in a rapidly changing economy.

in short, we are reimagining innovation through direct community building and technology education to foster pathways to entrepreneurship.

Become a community engineer

We offer a variety of programs and services to support community members in the areas of smart technology, such as workshops, classes and open access to state-of-the-art technology equipment and software. We also promote collaboration and support community-led projects, to build a sustainable future for our community.

If you're interested in becoming a founding member of our Community Innovation Center, please contact us or fill out this application form. Together, we can create real and meaningful change in our community using technology.

Community deserves you

Community supporters

we need you

grateful for your partnership, honored with your impact. take a look at our community organization helping us shape the future.

Our Vision

Building a world where technology and innovation serve as bridges to opportunity and growth for all. The Rebrand Community Innovation Center is not just a space; it's a movement toward equitable access to education, entrepreneurship, and collaboration

With a direct impact on over 1,000 community members and support for 150+ startups, our programs are just the beginning. We're on a mission to scale, and your investment can fuel the next phase of our growth.

All Programming provided by kksq tech creative corporation

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